Thursday, December 9, 2010

Calico1953's got some great Gifts!

Have you ever visited
If not, take a minute from your busy schedule to stop by!
It's a great up-and-coming selling (and buying!) web-site, with a HUGE variety of items available! From antiques to the newest electronics, and just about everything in between!

There are a lot of sellers there that offer hand-crafted items, and again - a huge variety! Jewelry, home decor, and knitted / sewn items!
Like these great gifts, offered at calico1953's booth!

I used to ALWAYS have one of these, hanging on my belt loop - when I used to cook!
They make a great gift idea, inexpensive - perfect for a gift exchange! (But you may want to get more than one set, so you can keep some for yourself!) She's got holiday designs as well as kitchen themes available!
And how about these Pot holders!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Old fashioned Hand-crafted - GREAT Gifts!

These are so cute - and so USEFUL! I've got to get some for myself - and maybe some gifts, too.
The cute towels have a crocheted top that have a button - hang them on a belt loop, a drawer pull, or door handle, and always have them handy!

Hand crocheted top - that means attention to detail, too!
Calico's got a great price on these, and a huge variety -
Not just for the holidays, but for any Kitchen theme!
Stop by and check them out!